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Jesus gave His followers specific instructions about what to do after He returned to His Father: “Go make disciples.” How do we do this?

The process begins when someone becomes a disciple by identifying with Jesus as Savior and Lord. Then, make that decision public by being baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. At Faith, we baptize by immersion as a way of clearly depicting what baptism stands for. When Jesus died on the cross, He made it possible for our old selves to sink beneath the water and for a new person to be raised up in Christ. It's a powerful image - so naturally, we get excited whenever someone is baptized as a new believer in Christ.

If you have come to Christ and want to “go public” by being baptized, talk to Pastor Jon. There are few things we do at Faith that are more exciting than supporting those who want the world to know, “Jesus is my Savior.”